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Self-Expression and
Leadership Programme

Express yourself fully, Make a difference, Be a leader

Each moment we have the opportunity to express ourselves and provide leadership—to make a difference, to contribute to the quality of life, to have an impact equal to what you see as possible. Expand your natural capacity for leadership and experience the difference you can make on a broader scale.

  • Find yourself expressing your thinking and ideas effectively in a way that calls forth the alignment, cooperation, and partnership of others.
  • Design a project and see your passion, commitment, and vision come alive.
  • Share yourself fully such that others relate to you from the new possibilities you’ve created.
  • Empower others in creating new possibilities in their lives and in making those possibilities happen.

To see what course participants have accomplished, visit Making a Difference.

Course Details

The Landmark Self-Expression and Leadership Programme takes place through dialogue and exercises during a four-month period. Participants meet monthly on a Saturday or Sunday from 10:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m.; in addition, during weeks when no Saturday or Sunday meeting occurs, a 2½‐hour evening session is scheduled. (There are 12 evening sessions.) 

Completion of The Landmark Forum and the Advanced Course.

Self-Expression and Leadership Programme leaders are accomplished women and men who provide their time and talent out of their recognition of and commitment to the value that this programme provides. They are trained intensively for approximately two years to be able to deliver the value of this course in people's lives.