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Landmark Training Academy

“Landmark is recognized for having one of the best faculty bodies in the business. Uniquely positioned in the self-development market, many top experts in the personal development and coaching industries got their start by participating in Landmark’s programmes.” 

-Marketdata Enterprises, Inc., publishers of the definitive report on the self-improvement industry in the United States, 2021.

As a global leader and innovator in offering world-class training and development, Landmark has created the Landmark Training Academy. The Academy optimizes our decades of experience in producing exceptional leaders, event producers, and communicators with our industry-leading training and development methodologies and powerful multi-disciplinary approaches, to train and develop participants, so that they gain knowledge, skill, aptitude, and direct on-the-court experience in being a leader. Specifically, participants will be developed in effective communication, programme and event leading, public speaking, event production, selling with authenticity, and project development. 

The Landmark Training Academy offers three pathways in its training programmes. 

Leader Training 

Event Production Training 

Communication Training 

To register, click the name of the course. For more information regarding any of the below, please contact your local center.

Leaders Training Pathway

Leading Fundamentals

Leading Practices

Foundations of Advanced Leading

Advanced Leading

Expert Leading

Event Production Training Pathway

Event Production Fundamentals

Intermediate Event Production

Senior Event Production

Advanced Event Production

Event Production Mastery

Communications Training Pathway

Communication Fundamentals

Intermediate Communication

Advanced Communication

Communication Mastery