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Landmark's Assisting Programme

The Landmark Assisting Programme is a hands-on training programme in the principles and actions of making a difference. Assisting is satisfying and fun—full of challenges that at times seem impossible and full of moments of real teamwork and accomplishment. While participants in The Landmark Assisting Programme assist at all levels in producing and generating results in Landmark's programmes, the programme is designed so the activities in which you participate become the medium for your training, development, and empowerment.

Course Details
Landmark's Assisting Programme is an opportunity to be trained and to participate in a context of contribution, responsibility, commitment, and empowerment. While Landmark charges no tuition for some portions of the Landmark Assisting Programme, you have to be registered in the programme in order to take part.

Introductions to assisting are held regularly at local Landmark offices. Assisting opportunities range from administrating and producing events to leading meetings and courses. The programme is designed so that participants learn what it takes to produce breakthroughs and unprecedented results.

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